Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The Loss of an Unsolicited reward !!

Have you ever been into a thought process thinking you have lost something that is so precious in your coming in contact with the stage of adolescence?
One of the best supplier of wisdom 'Dictionary' that is available and easily accessible by people of any age factor defines 'Childhood as the state between infancy and adolescence'. But in reality,it is only in the period of adolescence people realise that their 'lost spring wreathed lots of mirthful spirits'.

The stage where one is surrounded with the comfortable and warm love of known and unknown people,the days biggest dream was to have free hours (no classes) at school that would assure long hours of play or chat with friends (the so called two bodies dwelling in a single soul,the relationship that is much more richer than gold,diamonds and platinum),the immeasurable fights and fun,the nature of exam hall,class,sweet home,etc..,overcoming of the pressure from school and parents and all other individual perspectives narrating the experience of childhood add up the memories of today.

Like the other side of a coin,memories are not always sweet. Experience of loneliness in the middle of pupils who are consistent in the absence of any differences,mental health projecting ill effects,failure in variety of things like the love for your people going unrecognised,inability to handle dynamic situations,etc.,the terrible last day for school where one gets into a world of fear..fear for the responsible world welcoming them and also the fear of losing people...these do pile up memories. They do frame to be the memory of the past. Good or worse,they are memories !!

'Heart and soul' together hold the memories of childhood. The 'quick look of those day's either adds 'beauty' for the people leading joy filled life or 'comfort' those who are in the middle of some tedium or suffering.

The world demonstrated as the science or the almighty designed and so was the hierarchical belief of people that it is 'impossible to get back to the days childhood'. Time and days are 'irreversible'.

When I'm sitting near the door dreaming that 'something would help me attain the impossible',words of my dear friend when we had our walk way back the last days of school that proved the harsh reality of life stroke my mind..

'The unsolicited reward (advantage) we enjoyed being recognised as child will not be given to us even we demand for the same from here on (demanding the reward of being recognised as the child).'

Yes,the truth does hurt. The best consolation i could suggest my mind was 'all frustrations in life are not because of expectations,they are because of unrealistic expectation'. So let us not live in the past,its all lost and gone with the wind of yesterday. But let us carry the past along with us to the world of tomorrow. Let us refuse to stay transfixed to our past,instead transcend into the future as the words of Ra. Memories fade only when the feelings of people and for people fade. Let our feelings not fade. Let us hold our people as we do our memories.