Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Traditional Customs: Escapism from real routines !!!

Targeting people attracted towards traditional customs and admires how its still not out of date !!!

Walking into the line of new trendy lifestyle where people are gearing with their future with hunting routine,they do take traditional customs all through their way.

Tradition being the creator of ancestors,transmitting the heritage of particular culture have sparkled Hinduism reach its worth.

The pleasure that one seeks in the journey of life aspires the follow-up of karma's and dharma's. Shrine with icons of God and seeking their presence through poojas are not just what the tradition is all about.

The indispensable duties to perform the fruitful cultured festivals are the boon for the people today.They at times help people escape from their realistic routines.

The refinement out of shower from puranas and upanishads are not  what the youngsters seek for,but,they seek and prosper for the confinement and commitment they have in with their spiritual and cultural pathway.

It is not the cosmic force's presence that the young bloods go beyond for in spiritual pathway,bounding oneself to the laws of traditions,but for propagating the rich name of Hinduism.

 Bounding oneself to the laws of tradition helps in the formation of mankind,enriching the relationship that one has with the world.

The welcome of newborn through "Ayush-homam",charting the life with better half for long years, "Rakshabandhan" celebrating the brotherhood relationship,Diwali, Mahara Sankaranthi,Vasanth Panchami,Ramnavami,etc..(Set on with due respect seeking the presence of God and mankind) are all taken in the line of cherishing one's relationship that one has with oneself and the world !!

Redefine your pathway in the defined pathway of traditionalism !!!!!!