Thursday, 8 January 2015

Resolutions are not episodic

It was the time when most of the educational institutions had closed for Christmas vacation. It had left me at home though it was not any big event at least for me. After doing some daily chores, pondering for relaxation, I switched on the television with the daily newspaper held in hand.

As any of the peer group teens of this modern era, I did skip channels and tuned for a music channel. The coming of yet another prosperous year became the topic and talk for that day. Queerly that did not stop with people greeting each other.

Usually the video jockeys raise questions to the callers to germinate some discussions that would engage time and its viewers. The callers would enthusiastically react like they had been blessed with some kind of wizard on call. At times, they do go mad when they their favourite video jockeys on call. To my surprise, the jockeys questioned the callers about the resolution they had set for this New Year. More astonishingly, the callers revealed every daily chore possible as their resolution for the year like being good at work and education, being punctual and many more. They sounded odd. Questions like what can vitally be named under resolution and are they meant to be occasional rose in my mind.

Peeping into a daily newspaper held in my hands, with all my interest, I read a story titled “What can be your New Year resolution?” in its supplementary sheet. Comically, that was the day I realized being affectionate to people and falling in love can be called a resolution too.

My grandparents and parents lived in the era where they celebrated occasions of togetherness and took resolutions whenever (possible) they had to survive a hardship. They also took resolutions then and there from the experiences and lessons they learnt from life. It was like as immediate as they were punished for a wrong doing; they set themselves to a resolution as not to commit it any longer. But the people of today think of resolutions occasionally and their follow up have become episodic.

Making resolutions occasional, it has almost lost its momentum, spirit and value. Timeliness speaks the worth of it. Much before we set a resolution for the upcoming year to be punctual, we had been late to work for almost two hundred days of the preceding year. Much before we set a resolution for the year to be loving and affectionate to people around, we already ended up earning lot of hatred from our neighbourhood. Resolutions are meant to serve its purpose when developed and more vitally followed. Do you still want your resolutions be occasionally set and followed? Don’t let your resolutions be episodic. Wishing you accomplish timely resolutions in all the years to come.