Saturday, 14 July 2018

The Musical Journey (Chithirai Thiruvizha)

A measure to bridge the gap between me and music!

We overcome a lot during the day, and love to pen them in our diary. There are some instances which we wish to expose on the internet. I had one such happening in the recent time.

Chithirai Thiruvizha, the event conducted by Sai Fine Arts, Nanganallur to felicitate the budding musicians who have qualified the annual examination.

The event happened on 7th July 2018 with the graceful presence of Mrs. Kanthalakshmi Chandramouli, Writer and Journalist; Kavinaya Chelvar Mannai Pasanthi; and Mr. Sathaya Ganesh, the correspondent, and principal of Karpaga Vigneshwara Vidhyalaya.

Guru Shri Nellai M Vinayaga Moorthy, the young energetic tutor at Sai Fine Arts scheduled a vocal concert to be performed at the beginning of the ceremony. Delighted that I was part of the team.

It has been one and half years since I had been practicing Veena and Vocal under the guidance of the gurus at the Sai Fine Arts. I believe music fall under the same ambit of academics. There are so much to learn, practice and tap creativity. I had been wondering at the skills obtained by the co-students, mostly in the ninth and tenth grade of school whom I proudly address as my seniors in music. I and my sibling were associated with such talented performers for the vocal concert. Though the kid in them seemed visible, they outperformed.

I remember the practice sessions began in the second week of June. Songs were challenging, especially the Krithis. I remember each day we were taught a new Krithi by our Guru, I would look at my sister with that ‘CAN I?’ feel. She acknowledges with a smile each time I do that. I recollect recording the songs sung by Guru Shri Nellai M Vinayaga Moorthy, and the Sai Sisters (daughters of the Guru, awarded with the Sangeetha Yuva Sarathi title). They never denied to help us when we were struck at something during the practice sessions.

Sometimes, we always need that minimal percentage of fear which pulls us to practice better and perform better. I go by it.

Every day after work, we gathered, learned, practiced and practiced. The practices equipped the skills and helped confidence balance the fear. I recognized that the energy during those sessions never lessened, rather it increased day after day. It was solely possible because of the ideal Guru who kept endlessly, teaching, correcting, advising, encouraging, motivating and grooming us.

The bhajans were given equal importance like that of the Krithis and I recollect the kids, probably below the age of ten, actively participating.

The learnings were THE HUGE. I realize that there are so much in music that demands a lifetime and beyond to master the art. Once again, this concert has helped us get understand the nuances in music. I witnessed many passionate students rewarded for qualifying the musical grade exams. Numerous awards and titles were given including the Guru S P Sivasubramania Bhagavathar award. 

A word of gratitude, from us as disciples, seem ‘no equal’ to the efforts put by the Gurus at the Sai Fine Arts. The desire to learn more never ends.

Aspiring to bridge the gap between me and music with the teachings and guidance of Guru Shri Nellai M Vinayaga Moorthy, Guru Shrimathi V Thanga Selvi, Guru Shri A Vishwamithran and the budding musicians in line with practice.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Margazhi Maha Utsavam- The Grand Musical Delight by Sai Fine Arts

It is a gargantuan task to identify musical talents in youngsters and kids. Even more huge to equip, educate and teach the art to them. That is what Sai Fine Arts does at its best!! The institution was formed by Guru Shri Nellai M Vinayaga Moorthy who is the disciple of Suchindram S.P. Sivasubramania Bhagavatar. If you desire to learn any music instrument say Violin, Veena, Keyboard, Guitar, Tabla, Piano and such others, Sai Fine Arts bridges the journey to meet the desire. Gurus at Sai Fine Arts includes Shrimathi V. Thanga Selvi, wife of Nellai M Vinayaga Moorthy and Shri A. Vishwamithran.

With average interest to learn Veena, I joined in January 2017 with my sibling who desired to learn Violin. Right at the start, Guru Shri A. Vishwamithran said us that one vocal session is made compulsory in each week for students who learn musical instruments. That shook me. I hadn’t been into singing since my lower class but my sister had already been establishing her singing standards with bhajan groups in school. Guru Shri Nellai M Vinayaka Moorthy emphasized that learning vocal supports effective playing of notes in the instruments. His passion for music drives him to teach his disciples. I and my sister were part of a vocal group for whom classes were held on Tuesday. The team had been so adaptive and caring, I must admit. With time, interest developed and I still keep trying to enhance each day. Be a beginner or a budding music professional, he showers right amount of interest in teaching. There are enormous activities conducted for the students to equip and enhance their skills.

One such is the ‘Weekly Rounds’. The students play instruments before Guru each Wednesday and the Guru tirelessly reviews the performances. Music Quiz, Tempo Maestro and such others are conducted just to enrich learning. Musical theories are also taught during Vocal sessions. Guru Vinayaga Moorthy had also said about the importance of theoretical knowledge requirement. We, the students are also given opportunities to perform at various music concerts through Sai Fine Arts.

Wonder what? The greatest gratitude students can ever give to their Guru’s is rendering an astonishing performance over the stage granted. That is what Sai Fine Arts did at a recent event. The Sai Fine Arts hosted ‘Margazhi Maha Utsavam’ on 7th January, this year. Nearly 150 of us participated in the event.  It was a whole day event with students performing numerous songs in groups during the day and an exclusive event, ‘Meha Concert’ where all the budding musicians performing in a row. It was such a pleasant feeling to witness the performances. The parents and friends were the major audiences. Known or the unknown, you get greeted by people for having performed on stage. Such friendly atmosphere prevailed. The Meha Concert was astounding with each song played at various tempos. The coordination should be recognized and applauded. The reason behind such delivery are the practice sessions.    

Having the lessons being taught much prior, we had effective practice sessions in the class. For almost two weeks prior to the event, students had been performing before Guru Vinayaga Moorthy with Guru Vishwamithran playing Tabla. And if they notice something wasn’t inline, they just uttered “You have much more time to practice. You can”. So much of positive vibes. To unite the members of each group, train them passionately in the midst of exam season and others aided in putting up a grand show. When I’m questioned to cite living examples who dedicatedly teach any form of art to their students, I get only one name all through my mind; Sai Fine Arts. The chief guests of the event notably spoke about Guru Vinayaga Moorthy’s deeds. Every participant was honored with a trophy and medal. The event ended but the journey had not.

I took to come up with this write-up as a tribute to Guru Nellai M Vinayaga Moorthy and A Vishwamithran since ‘thank you’ seemed to be much less.

To all the budding musicians, wish you a great future. ‘Age is no bar to begin.’ 

Friday, 3 November 2017

Strengthen Basics

If not, how are we to march towards ‘World-Class Education’?

Our Prime Minister addressed a gathering at the centenary celebrations of Patna University. Announcement of the plan to create a world-class education in India was made. “He said the government has developed a plan to make 10 private and 10 public universities world-class by granting them autonomy from the constraints of government rules and freedom to grow”, reported a leading newspaper in print and online on 17th October, 2017. The investment was reported to be Rs.10,000 crore. Wonder what? Bihar was the state that had lowest literacy rate by 2011 with 63.8%. What can a five year or six year plan do to the state? Was an effective education policy put forth? Did it have a direct impact?

It reflected in the speech of Mr. Modi. He added that "In every state, the top level of the civil services has people who have studied in Patna University. In Delhi, I interact with so many officials, many of whom belong to Bihar”. Only some super power has to validate the truth behind the growth (if any). How many of us are aware of the education policies that were formulated by the Indian Government?

There had been two National Education Policy formulated by the Government of India; one in the year 1968 and the other in 1986. Presently, the Government had appointed a new nine member committee under K. Kasturirangan, space scientist, to prepare a draft on new education policy in 2017. Further the second policy was modified in the year 1992. Each education policy had unique focus from envisaging the learning of regional languages, conduct of common entrance examination, removal of disparities and equalizing educational opportunities, and various other factors. It is vital to know that the Government of Tamil Nadu had published a website titling Tamil Nadu State Council for Higher Education. 

“Traditionally Tamil Nadu has held a pre-eminent position in the world in a number of fields of basic sciences, mathematics, literature and economic sciences. At the same time, the Government is aware of the recent declining trend in quality of education in arts and sciences in the country. Many of the postgraduate programs in arts and sciences, even in prestigious institutions have failed to attract the brightest students. This has become a matter of great national concern”, extracted from the website mentioned in the above paragraph. Does it not embarrass to comment on the quality of education and charge that the prestigious institutions have failed to attract the brightest students? 

To review on the higher education, the foundation should have been strong. The Literacy rate in India was reported as 74.04% in 2011 and especially that of Tamil Nadu amounts to 80.3%. Personally, I feel that more emphasis was given to the grades and marks than that of the quality gained or offered. Well, of course it decided our fate in pursuing graduation and the caste system, reservations had its own impact too. Making education accessible by all class of people is appreciable. But the quality of primary education should be put to check. Because that helps the student community in competing since world-class education would demand tougher entrance examinations in the years to come. Consideration of government schools? Smart classrooms! And yet caged? 

Open up! With wide range of opportunities coming up, it should be brought to the attention of the students. Because our dream for future begins from school. Exposure to practical knowledge can be spoken at the primary level. But in an encouraging manner than stressing the students for higher results that does less good. Learning should be made fun. It shapes the future. 

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Resolutions are not episodic

It was the time when most of the educational institutions had closed for Christmas vacation. It had left me at home though it was not any big event at least for me. After doing some daily chores, pondering for relaxation, I switched on the television with the daily newspaper held in hand.

As any of the peer group teens of this modern era, I did skip channels and tuned for a music channel. The coming of yet another prosperous year became the topic and talk for that day. Queerly that did not stop with people greeting each other.

Usually the video jockeys raise questions to the callers to germinate some discussions that would engage time and its viewers. The callers would enthusiastically react like they had been blessed with some kind of wizard on call. At times, they do go mad when they their favourite video jockeys on call. To my surprise, the jockeys questioned the callers about the resolution they had set for this New Year. More astonishingly, the callers revealed every daily chore possible as their resolution for the year like being good at work and education, being punctual and many more. They sounded odd. Questions like what can vitally be named under resolution and are they meant to be occasional rose in my mind.

Peeping into a daily newspaper held in my hands, with all my interest, I read a story titled “What can be your New Year resolution?” in its supplementary sheet. Comically, that was the day I realized being affectionate to people and falling in love can be called a resolution too.

My grandparents and parents lived in the era where they celebrated occasions of togetherness and took resolutions whenever (possible) they had to survive a hardship. They also took resolutions then and there from the experiences and lessons they learnt from life. It was like as immediate as they were punished for a wrong doing; they set themselves to a resolution as not to commit it any longer. But the people of today think of resolutions occasionally and their follow up have become episodic.

Making resolutions occasional, it has almost lost its momentum, spirit and value. Timeliness speaks the worth of it. Much before we set a resolution for the upcoming year to be punctual, we had been late to work for almost two hundred days of the preceding year. Much before we set a resolution for the year to be loving and affectionate to people around, we already ended up earning lot of hatred from our neighbourhood. Resolutions are meant to serve its purpose when developed and more vitally followed. Do you still want your resolutions be occasionally set and followed? Don’t let your resolutions be episodic. Wishing you accomplish timely resolutions in all the years to come.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

The Game Changer

Time cannot be paused. Knowing it is irreversible, we have invested them in battling for life. We also created a tomorrow overcoming the battle. Would we attain hearts-ease/serenity finally? No. Instead we would experience desperate state of mind counting the non-material loss incurred. But in our later age, we never regret to conceive that time had flown. Day after day, we doubt if we had lived our life to the fullest. It is all because the Time has driven us.

Now, Why have we missed to appreciate the painting of nature that is exhibited all around us? Why haven’t we awarded oneself for the betterment that incurred within? Why have we squandered the chance of understanding ourselves? Why have we taken to play a ‘stranger’ role among family? Time had been the game changer. It has been spinning us through ordeals of life, much before we realized we were into the battle. We had spent all our time to run behind the material needs that could satisfy the greedy mind.

In the midst of the hectic traffic that had cost all our energy, we missed to witness the first drop of rain that fell in the hand of a little girl. In all occasion times, we were engaged with updating wishes in the network. Did we take time to greet people with us? We were busy-working to escape some current state of affairs. Did we spare time to analyse and cherish our own growth? Haven’t we lost the spirit of life being goaded by time? Even when the spirit of life was lost, we still continued to battle.

We battled with ourselves. We fought with the inner soul within us. The purpose of seeking calm state of mind, after losing all possibilities of acquiring it, will always remain a magical mystery, not reached. Let us hold. Let us take a pause. Let us loan our time.

Let us loan our time like abundance can happen in one’s life. Let us appreciate the nature for being so systematic. Let us prosper understanding the inner soul within. Let us spend time enriching the relationship we are gifted with. What time did to us is huge, but what we could do with time is immense. Hereby the question of being carried away by time all through life fails.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

First maiden targeted for Corruption

The first maiden is set by the RBI to withdraw the circulation of currency notes printed prior to that of 2005 as an advancement to curb black money. RBI assures exchange of all the currencies printed prior 2005 for new notes.  A study revealed that huge number of corruption cases are enrolled before 2005 and are yet to be brought before the finance ministry. The control of its circulation is expected to act as an agent in preventing the flow of black money in India. However, the most corrupted parts would remain seclude from this ideology. It is also revealed that currencies signatured by former governors such as S Venkitaraman, C Rangarajan, Bimal Jalan continue to be in circulation till today.
The currencies printed decades ago continue to be in circulation. The stipulated period of time granted for the exchange of currency notes may head troublesome situation for the public even when it rewards healthy financial transactions from thereon. RBI Governor Raghuram recognised and vindicated the fright of common public addressing them that this it is not a matter of demonetisation to be apprehensive about.  This is considered to be the motive of RBI to vandalize corruption from existence. Intrinsic value of the paper doesn’t add any value for the note, only the number printed adds for the cost. Economists factorize money is just a matter of four functions; a medium, a measure, a standard and a store. The value of notes remains standard and cannot be demonetised like that of gold without BIS mark.  The factor of demonetisation need not indulge panic in the hearts of public.
The hardship of the initiation is from July 2014, all the transactions with the issuance of 10 pieces -Rs.500 or Rs.100 notes should be enclosed with the details of the customer. This will not only shake the privacy of individuals and also award time consuming criteria for getting into exchanges. The Financial Ministry had also suggested that the new notes must have better security measures.

The ministry’s suggestion of notes with security measures was addressed as ‘anti-poor’ move by the political parties. Common people would suffer a period of tedium with the move of curbing old notes conferred as curbing corruption by the RBI. Corruption will live with new ideologies charged on the public.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The Loss of an Unsolicited reward !!

Have you ever been into a thought process thinking you have lost something that is so precious in your coming in contact with the stage of adolescence?
One of the best supplier of wisdom 'Dictionary' that is available and easily accessible by people of any age factor defines 'Childhood as the state between infancy and adolescence'. But in reality,it is only in the period of adolescence people realise that their 'lost spring wreathed lots of mirthful spirits'.

The stage where one is surrounded with the comfortable and warm love of known and unknown people,the days biggest dream was to have free hours (no classes) at school that would assure long hours of play or chat with friends (the so called two bodies dwelling in a single soul,the relationship that is much more richer than gold,diamonds and platinum),the immeasurable fights and fun,the nature of exam hall,class,sweet home,etc..,overcoming of the pressure from school and parents and all other individual perspectives narrating the experience of childhood add up the memories of today.

Like the other side of a coin,memories are not always sweet. Experience of loneliness in the middle of pupils who are consistent in the absence of any differences,mental health projecting ill effects,failure in variety of things like the love for your people going unrecognised,inability to handle dynamic situations,etc.,the terrible last day for school where one gets into a world of fear..fear for the responsible world welcoming them and also the fear of losing people...these do pile up memories. They do frame to be the memory of the past. Good or worse,they are memories !!

'Heart and soul' together hold the memories of childhood. The 'quick look of those day's either adds 'beauty' for the people leading joy filled life or 'comfort' those who are in the middle of some tedium or suffering.

The world demonstrated as the science or the almighty designed and so was the hierarchical belief of people that it is 'impossible to get back to the days childhood'. Time and days are 'irreversible'.

When I'm sitting near the door dreaming that 'something would help me attain the impossible',words of my dear friend when we had our walk way back the last days of school that proved the harsh reality of life stroke my mind..

'The unsolicited reward (advantage) we enjoyed being recognised as child will not be given to us even we demand for the same from here on (demanding the reward of being recognised as the child).'

Yes,the truth does hurt. The best consolation i could suggest my mind was 'all frustrations in life are not because of expectations,they are because of unrealistic expectation'. So let us not live in the past,its all lost and gone with the wind of yesterday. But let us carry the past along with us to the world of tomorrow. Let us refuse to stay transfixed to our past,instead transcend into the future as the words of Ra. Memories fade only when the feelings of people and for people fade. Let our feelings not fade. Let us hold our people as we do our memories.