Saturday, 10 May 2014

The Game Changer

Time cannot be paused. Knowing it is irreversible, we have invested them in battling for life. We also created a tomorrow overcoming the battle. Would we attain hearts-ease/serenity finally? No. Instead we would experience desperate state of mind counting the non-material loss incurred. But in our later age, we never regret to conceive that time had flown. Day after day, we doubt if we had lived our life to the fullest. It is all because the Time has driven us.

Now, Why have we missed to appreciate the painting of nature that is exhibited all around us? Why haven’t we awarded oneself for the betterment that incurred within? Why have we squandered the chance of understanding ourselves? Why have we taken to play a ‘stranger’ role among family? Time had been the game changer. It has been spinning us through ordeals of life, much before we realized we were into the battle. We had spent all our time to run behind the material needs that could satisfy the greedy mind.

In the midst of the hectic traffic that had cost all our energy, we missed to witness the first drop of rain that fell in the hand of a little girl. In all occasion times, we were engaged with updating wishes in the network. Did we take time to greet people with us? We were busy-working to escape some current state of affairs. Did we spare time to analyse and cherish our own growth? Haven’t we lost the spirit of life being goaded by time? Even when the spirit of life was lost, we still continued to battle.

We battled with ourselves. We fought with the inner soul within us. The purpose of seeking calm state of mind, after losing all possibilities of acquiring it, will always remain a magical mystery, not reached. Let us hold. Let us take a pause. Let us loan our time.

Let us loan our time like abundance can happen in one’s life. Let us appreciate the nature for being so systematic. Let us prosper understanding the inner soul within. Let us spend time enriching the relationship we are gifted with. What time did to us is huge, but what we could do with time is immense. Hereby the question of being carried away by time all through life fails.

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  1. Its surprising how man ended up inventing time, it is an abstract entity. It is a subjective sense of becoming what we are instead of what we were a nanosecond ago, becoming what we will be in another nanosecond."What time did to us is huge, but what we could do with time is immense" life changing lines Madhu.